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Sauvegarde de "Red Rock"

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How can you preserve the Red Rock Overlay?
Keep Red Rock Rural
News Alert: Desert Companion

Did you see the news?!
The latest issue of Desert Companion magazine features an article about our efforts to preserve the rural protections inside the Red Rock Overlay section of Clark County's Development Code.
Clark County is updating the Title 30 development code as a part of the Transform Clark County initiative, and we want to make certain that the Red Rock Overlay maintains its strict stance on preserving the rural character of the property around Red Rock Canyon.
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How can you help us in the fight to preserve the protections that exist inside this code? Join over 50,000 other signers of the petition to Keep Red Rock Rural. Or share it if you've already signed it. Thank you for caring about Red Rock Canyon.
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Save Red Rock is a grass-roots organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the rural, recreational, educational, and scientific resources in and around the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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